An Evening with Apple and APA Charlotte

APA Charlotte and the Art Institute of Charlotte hosted a well received and informative program sponsored by Apple Computers to Charlotte and the Art Institute’s campus last month. Alex Hunter, the Apple/APA Member Association Program Account Manager was instrumental in arranging the cooperation and support of our local Apple Store to supply several Mac experts to demonstrate and discuss everything from the newest OSX Snow Leopard upgrade to simple ways to keep your Mac up and running efficiently.

“An Evening with Apple” showcased the newest Mac products two representatives from Charlotte’s Apple Store, answered all those geeky technical questions the various photographers and students could muster during this 3 hour event. Demonstrations of how iMovie and iChat worked and how they could be beneficial for photographers, along with various tips and tricks on keeping your Mac working in top working order were discussed at length. Throw in some great raffle items from Apple (newest iPod, Snow Leopard upgrades, business software, even some cool Apple logo ball caps) and everyone seemed to leave happy and well informed!

A big thank you goes out to Alex, his Apple Experts and to the Art Institute of Charlotte for helping make this a great event.

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