APA Board Approves New Chapter: APA COLORADO

On Thursday, November 18, 2010 the National Executive Board of American Photographic Artists approved the application for Associate Chapter status from a group of APA members that is now known as APA Colorado. As an Associate Chapter, APA Colorado will have APA regional chapter APA Los Angeles as their main resource for operation guidance. APA Los Angeles Chair, Astor Morgan has championed the growth of APA membership in the Colorado area during 2010 and with the assistance of the APA Los Angeles board and chapter director, Heidi Goverman, was instrumental in the formation of APA Colorado.

Photographers in Colorado had invited APA to present a program in Denver in the fall of 2009 that introduced APA organization efforts to that area. The then APA LA Chair, Anthony Nex, APA National VP Michael Grecco, and APA National CEO Stephen Best spoke to an interested group of photographers about the mission of APA. The foundation for an APA associate chapter was formed and since then APA LA has taken events to Denver that has brought education and awareness of APA to the area. The APA LA Board is committed to assisting the new Associate Chapter to realize their potential as a full APA Chapter.

Full Press Release

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