Copyright Infringement in Textbook Licensing: Where the Clean-up Meets the Cover-Up

Many stock photography professionals remain largely unaware of the widespread and institutionalized practice of copyright infringement that plagues the textbook licensing industry. Enticed by the ease of technology, several major textbook publishers have made it their policy — often without the knowledge or consent of the licensor or copyright owner of third-party content — to retain the high-resolution digital files of photographs licensed for their programs.

Despite this burgeoning trend, most publishers have been slow to adapt or develop technology to guarantee proper rights management of the photographs now being maintained in these databases. As a result, publishers remain in possession of an enormous volume of third-party photographic content, but do not have any systems or policies in place to guarantee that the required rights are secured before this content is included in future textbooks or other materials.

To learn more about this topic, read the full article by Dan Nelson and Kevin P. McCulloch

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