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At APA, our focus is on you and your success. We are a volunteer organization, run by photographers for photographers, and we welcome all whose interest is to advance their careers while improving our valued industry for the benefit of all. Whether you are established or emerging, an educator or a dedicated affiliate within our industry, if you aspire to advance your career in photography in accord with successful licensing of your work, APA is the place for you.

Joining APA is easy, and is a giant step toward improving your business. Join to begin receiving all of the Benefits of Membership such as: APA Insurance Services, APApayroll, SearchAPA, APA Business Manual, APA Estimating Software, Meetings, Seminars, Workshops, and the APA eNewsletters, full of news and program information, advocacy alerts, and digital tips. We have member discounts and special programs from service partners such as ADBASE, PhotoShelter, Apple, Blinkbid, Adobe, Lowepro and United Funding among many others. Visit your chapter’s websites for details of outstanding local benefits as well. Also be sure to ask your local chapter leaders for information about our acclaimed Success Teams programs – small, powerful workgroups that bring photographers together to achieve personal career goals.

You BELONG in APA – and we welcome your participation.

Stephen Best
APA National CEO

You may not realize it, but every day, with every job, and every shot, you stand on the shoulders of thousands of past and present APA members. Member or not, each time you negotiate usage rights with a client, you benefit from the APA’s hard fought battles of the past and present. Whether behind the scenes or at the front of the crowd, the APA has championed photographer’s rights for more than 18 years, working ceaselessly to provide us all with the tools that we need to succeed in both the business and the art of photography. …READ MORE!

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