Success Teams

What is a Success Team?
A Success Team is an Accountability Team for APA Photographer members, and Emerging Photographer members. The Success Team mission is to help each member of the team identify and clarify his or her own professional goals for success and accomplish the aspired goals through encouragement, feedback, support and mutual accountability. Success Teams stimulate dialogue among thinking, proactive, committed APA photographers, encouraging team members to share ideas, experiences, successes and challenges, as a means of fostering individual and collective achievement. A Success Team is the balanced focusing of minds and attentions on individually specific goals that multiplies effectiveness and produces greater results in a shorter period of time.

A Success Team is also part of a much larger APA Success Team Member Community comprised of many teams that communicate on various Regional and National levels to provide an unparalleled and unprecedented degree of career support. This unique and growing APA Success Team Member Community also receives additional informational and educational support from each participating APA Chapter and APA National. Through communicating with peers in a spirit of good will and harmony, we expand ourselves, our business and our world. Via the ST (Success Team) experience with others, we gain insights and bring new perspectives to our work and life. Joining with peers on a ST provides impetus for keeping up with change, problem solving and positions us for setting goals and rapidly opening and closing opportunities.

What are the major topics that Success Team Members can help each other with? Motivating Creativity, Personal Vision, Portfolio Development, Business Problems, Career Goals, Transitioning to Digital Technology, Copyright Issues, Invoicing and Contract Negotiations, Accountability, Support and Validation and Peer Feedback for each Member.

What it is not:
It’s not a class, though members will learn from each other.
It’s not a discussion group, although discussions will take place.
Nor is it a social club, although members will socialize.
Nor is it a therapy group, although members will express their feelings.

If you love the idea of working with other creative people in a positive, creative, and supportive environment, nothing will inspire you like having your own Success Team. Each team is made up of seven committed members who generally meet every two weeks. All teams receive initial training and follow-up by an APA Local Chapter Coach to manage their own goals and help each other in a collaborative relationship that provides encouragement, accountability, and a strong sense of community. Individual goals often include portfolio development, vision, self-promotion, marketing and adding value to one’s work – any goal necessary to move forward in one’s career. These teams are highly praised for the positive and interactive environment where members inspire each other to get where they want to go.

Requirements for participation are; APA “Photographer” or “Emerging Photographer” membership, self-motivation and commitment, not only for achieving one’s own goals, but for contributing to the team effort.

There are two payment options available to make the program as inclusive as possible. All major credit card are accepted.

Option One is one-time fee of $295 paid on-line to by check.

Option Two is a one time $50 sign up fee plus $9 per month automatically billed to your credit card.

For most chapter teams, these fees cover administration, Team assignment, Team training session, team follow-up, and admission to the APA National Success Team on-line forum. The LA Chapter uses the Success Team money is used ONLY to bring seminars, lectures and workshops that are specific to the goals of the Success Teams. THESE SPECIAL EVENTS ARE OPEN ONLY TO SUCCESS TEAM MEMBERS of the L.A. Chapter, no other member or non-members are invited to attend, giving the Success Teams a more intimate learning and motivational experience. Many consider joining a team one of the best career investments ever made. We invite you to bring your GOALS and ASPIRATIONS, and join us as we seek to achieve our mission of successful photographers. Teams are established on a regular basis in most Regional Chapter areas and are available to emerging and professional members only.

REGISTER HERE to sign up for a success team in your area. (Photographer (PHO) and Emerging Photographer (EMG) APA members only.

Ready to buy but don’t qualify? If you are ready to upgrade to Photographer, or Emerging Photographer membership level, now would be a good time to do it.

APA Success Teams™ is a trademark of the Advertising Photographers of America.

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